Fawn Solid Yarn - Neda - 254 yards - 2.9 oz

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This yarn came from our ewe, Neda.

She has very soft and fine wool that is a beautiful variegated oatmeal color and her wool is very bouncy and elastic.

I had her sheared in March and hand washed, carded and spun her fleece into this lovely 2 ply yarn.

This skein is 254 yards, and weighs 2.9 oz.

We micron test our flock every year, Neda's AFD was 23.3 microns which means she can be used for projects that are next to the skin.

I include a photo of Neda with your order (its on the label).

I've also added a photo of Neda in this listing, as well as photos of her fiber from fleece to carded locks - all done by me in the process of creating this one of a kind yarn for you!

We breed for fine wooled shetlands with very crimpy fibers, so you can wear the wool next to the skin and it is bouncy and elastic.