Aida's Fleece - Moorit - Roo'd - 2023

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This fleece is from our ewe Aida.  She is a moorit ewe born in 2022, so this is her lamb fleece.  

Her fleece weight is 11.9 oz.  Heavily skirted.  Ewe was coated in the fall before we started giving them hay.

This is a roo'd fleece.

Aida is very friendly, she is always the first one to greet me in the barn in the morning.  Her fleece did not come off as a very dense fleece and the tips are fairly open, I would drum card this as is and then spin for a slight textured yarn.

I included a copy of the micron data for this fleece in the photos.

Here is a link to a blog post I wrote that explains how I wash my raw fleeces.

Here is a video that demonstrates how I flick card a soft shetland fleece:


Here are links to some fiber preparation tools I offer from Majacraft that are well suited for super fine fleeces:

Flick Carder

2 row combs

2 row hackle

128 tpi Fusion Engine Carder