Baxter's Fleece - Black - Roo'd - 2023

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This fleece is from our ewe Baxter.  She is a black ewe born in 2016, so she is one of the senior ewes in our flock.  I've roo'd her at least 3 times, she has a short staple but a really nice soft handle.  She has always been on the smaller side, our little peanut.  I think I would wash this fleece, and if the tips open up, I would drum card it slowly on a high TPI cloth a couple times and then just do a nice worsted spin.

Her fleece weight is 12.3 oz.  Heavily skirted.  Ewe was coated in the fall before we started giving them hay.

This is a roo'd fleece.

I included a copy of the micron data for this fleece in the photos. 

Here is a link to a blog post I wrote that explains how I wash my raw fleeces.

Here are links to some fiber preparation tools I offer from Majacraft that are well suited for super fine fleeces:

Flick Carder

2 row combs

2 row hackle

128 tpi Fusion Engine Carder