Custom Majacraft Rose Spinning Wheel and Lazy Kate for LeahandtheDragon

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Majacraft Rose Spinning Wheel and Lazy Kate

The Majacraft Rose is a classic wheel for every spinner. With its spoked wheel and engraved rose motif, it is elegant with a traditional feel. Very flexible design allows for a very wide variety of spinning results, from lace weights to very bulky art yarns.

Features of the Rose include the following:

  • Includes the Rose Carrier which can be used as a 3-bobbin lazy kate. The carrier has rubber feet, a convenient carry handle, pulley location pin and a magnet to store the 2mm allen key
  • Comes with 2 pulleys - normal and faster pulley and it also includes lace and fine flyers 
  • 4 standard black plastic bobbins
  • Standard fine flyer
  • 2 lace bobbins
  • Lace Flyer
  • 2 baby bobbins
  • Majacraft stainless steel hinges
  • Ratios extend from 4.25 to 19.5 using the pulleys supplied
  • The handle folds to allow easy handling and storage
  • The handle and head position are adjustable so you can achieve the most comfortable spinning position
  • Suits both left and right handed spinners
  • Romantic Rose motif by Sharon O’Callaghan
  • Handle stops to control the range of movement of the handle
  • JCB bolts used in most structural connections for smoother, cleaner lines
  • The Rose uses the dependable scotch tension for smooth and easy spinning.

The Majacraft Rose Spinning Wheel was my first and only wheel that I use to spin my yarns that I make from my sheep to sell in my shop - I have had it for 19 years and absolutely would recommend it to any spinner, from novice to master spinner.