Registered Ram Lamb - Solid Black

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This NASSA registered ram lamb is available for sale to a prescreened home.

DOB:  5/1/2020

Sire:  OK Acres Rush S48577

Dam:  Whispering Pines Baxter S44920

Color:  Black

Pattern:  Solid

Ear Tag:  1385

2020 6 month micron results:

AFD:  20.9

SD:  5.0

CV:  23.8

CEM:  8.6

SF:  20.9

AFD = Average Fiber Diameter- Average diameter of all fibers tested in a sample. Shetland should have AFD <32

SD = Standard Deviation - A measure of the variation in the fibers tested in a sample. Shetlands should have SD's < 5.5. High numbers indicate larger variability in fiber diameter, which will have a negative impact on handle.

CV = Coefficient of Variation - A calculation showing the SD as a % of the AFD. Shetlands should have CV's around 20% or lower. Higher numbers indicate larger variability in the fiber diameters.

SF = Spinning Fineness - A calculation developed by wool graders to help group fleeces by similar handle. A better gage of fineness than AFD alone. The best Shetland fleeces will have SF's lower than their AFD

In general, 30 microns is the maximum for next to skin wearability.