Washed Flicked Locks 3.6 oz Farm Raised Soft Shetland Wool

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This listing is for 3.6 oz of washed flicked locks from our soft shetland ewe, Elara..  

The wool is very fine, here is the micron data for the fleece:

AFD = 21.4

SD = 3.9

CV = 18.4

SF = 20.4

Here are definitions for what the abbreviations mean:

AFD = Average Fiber Diameter- Average diameter of all fibers tested in a sample. Shetland should have AFD <32

SD = Standard Deviation - A measure of the variation in the fibers tested in a sample. Shetlands should have SD's < 5.5. High numbers indicate larger variability in fiber diameter, which will have a negative impact on handle.

CV = Coefficient of Variation - A calculation showing the SD as a % of the AFD. Shetlands should have CV's around 20% or lower. Higher numbers indicate larger variability in the fiber diameters.

SF = Spinning Fineness - A calculation developed by wool graders to help group fleeces by similar handle. A better gage of fineness than AFD alone. The best Shetland fleeces will have SF's lower than their AFD

In general, 30 microns is the maximum for next to skin wearability.

Here is a video which explains how to read micron data:

Elara is a white ewe born in 2016, the wool in this listing is from her 2021 adult fleece.  Which makes her micron data that much more remarkable.  Here is a photo of the beautiful Elara: