Mittens - 2.2 oz

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This offer is for a simple pair of handspun handknit mittens, adult size. The mittens are from my 2 ply handspun, similar to the handspun yarn I have available for sale. They weigh 2.2 oz, so you have a reference if you would like to know how much yarn you would need for this basic item. The wool came from our ewe Caramel Mocha. I raised the ewe, washed, carded, spun and knit the wool for this nice pair of mittens all here on our farm. I include with the mittens a photo of Caramel Mocha for you to enjoy. The mittens are nice and soft, have not been commercially processed, so the wool is still naturally soft. The wool was processed in my home, not by a commercial mill, so it still has natural softening agents in the wool. Other than shearing, I am responsible for all other aspects of prepping the fiber into yarn. I wash the wool with regular laundry soap. Once the wool dries, I flick card the locks, which thoroughly removes dirt and debris. Flick carding also removes dry tips, which prevents noils and pills. After I've flicked the locks, I spin them up. These mittens were knit in the round, so they have no seams, they are perfectly smooth all the way around. I hope you enjoy this pair of mittens.