Change the Drive Band on your Majacraft Rose

Change the Drive Band on your Majacraft Rose

I recently installed the lace kit on my 20 year old Majacraft Rose.  After I installed the high speed whorl I discovered that my drive band was stretched to the point that it barely had enough tension to turn the whorl.  (BTW it wasn't an authentic Majacraft band, I bought it before I became a dealer.  My cat chewed the original band to bits.)  I decided it was time to change my band so I went through the Majacraft literature to see how they recommended I do it.

One thing to realize is that the wheels all don't share the same drive band.  To follow is a list of links to purchase drive bands for the various Majacraft wheels:

Rose Drive Band

Little Gem Lower Drive Band

Little Gem Upper Drive Band

Aura and Suzy drive band  (they use the same band)

Aura Bobbin Drive Band

Also, I only sell drive bands that are premeasured and ready to install (no melting or squishing), which means the wheel needs a couple tweaks to install the bands.  

The first thing I did was to clear a space on my dining room table to work.  I can't stand trying to do equipment adjustments on the floor when I am crouched down in an uncomfortable position.  Or, attempting to work on euipment when there is clutter and mess around my work area.  So step one is find a work area which sets the base of the wheel at waist height and clear yourself a good space that allows you full access to the pedals of your wheel.

Clear space, waist high

Next assemble the necessary tools.  You need a phillips head screwdriver, I couldn't find any information on the dimensions of the screwdriver, but I will say I used a standard size, not the tiny jewelry sized ones.  You want to make sure the screwdriver sits securely in the head of the screw so you don't strip the head when tightening.  If you happen to strip the screw, you can contact me to order replacements.

Next, you need to remove the conrods from the pedals.  You do this by removing the screws inside the pedals that secure the green rubber joiners.  Then you pull the rubber joiner from the hole in the pedal, and make sure you remember which conrod goes with which pedal.


Remove the old drive band, and replace with the new drive band.

Reinstall the conrod joiners and replace the screws until they are seated flush in the hole.

You want your drive band to be installed in the grooves that are on the same plane in order to ensure proper rotation.  Adjust your head up or down to ensure the band is tight enough to drive your whorl by loosening the head bolt and sliding the head up or down as needed.  

Grooves on wheels

 Here is a video I created of me changing the drive band on my Majacraft Rose:

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