About Us

We started with 4 ewes and a ram 20 years ago. From there we have expanded our flock to ~70 sheep - all Soft Shetland Sheep, and that is our main focus. I developed a process to wash, card and spin our wool from the locks into beautiful handspun yarn that is so springy, soft and elastic with beautiful one of a kind natural colors. Rich set to achieve our breeding goals through data analysis and careful planning, so that we can continue to produce wool that is lovely to spin, knit and wear.

We have expanded into millspun products so that we can bring more wool to our customers - most of the millspun is either from skirtings that don't qualify for my hand processed material, or is from some of our nursing home set of ewes whose fleeces are still lovely, but have lost some of the fineness due to their age. I love these girls so much and their wool is still wonderful - so that is why we created the millspun line of yarns and combed top.

I decided a couple years ago to add the Majacraft line of products, mainly because so many people were asking me if I carried Majacraft lines of products, since I was such an avid spokesperson for all the tools I used in my fiber journey. I am fully stocked here in the shop in New York with the entire line of Majacraft Products.  Anything featured in my shop is here in the states, ready to ship, or is on its way to me from the factory. If you need Majacraft Items not in my shop, please contact me and I can arrange to order for you.

I am always finding interesting items that I love and want to share, so that explains the wax ornaments, the whimsical prints and felted items. All still revolve around sheep, fiber, and the craftsmanship that I find so fascinating and rewarding.

That's our story, thanks for sticking with me to the end. I do keep a blog, I am active on Ravelry, I have a Youtube channel, an Instagram feed, and a page on Facebook if you want to stay up to date with the goings on at our farm.

Thanks again for your interest in our little enterprise!