2023 Limited Edition Bobbins From Majacraft

2023 Limited Edition Bobbins From Majacraft

New Products from Majacraft!

2023 Limited Edition Bobbins

After a few years of no fun colors, Majacraft has released 2 new colors for 2023.  There is a bright yellow one, they are calling it "Rubber Ducky", which I think is so fun.  For those of you that don't get that reference, here is a link to the song that inspired the name:

The second bobbin is called "Frosty" and it is clear plastic.  I love this idea.  I am just imagining the Majacraft team sitting around a table puzzling over colors, with the commitment that they will stay there all day until they come up with a color.  And the caterer walks in with a jug of water, looks at it and says, "What about making it clear?".  They all look at each other and Andy says, "OK, meeting adjourned!!!".

Some details -

  • They are the same weight, size and capacity as the black plastic bobbins. 
  • They work on the Aura like the black plastic bobbins
  • They are molded, not 3D printed, so more durable

I will have them in the shop by the end of November, but you can reserve yours now by preordering using this link.

Majacraft Limited Edition Bobbin Frosty

Majacraft Limited Edition Bobbin Rubber Ducky

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