Majacraft Pioneer X Spinning Wheel

Majacraft Pioneer X Spinning Wheel

Majacraft Pioneer X - What makes it special?

The Pioneer X was launched in order to give spinners a low cost, low frills option to "dip their toe" into the craft of handspinning.  At a price of $989 it is the lowest price wheel in the Majacraft Lineup. 

The Pioneer X spinning wheel could also be a lovely addition to a collection which is missing a Majacraft wheel and therefore doesn't have that one wheel that offers effortless treadling and smooth takeup which is characteristic of every wheel in the Majacraft lineup.  In other words, you are getting all the benefits of the ingenious Majacraft design elements in a simple, low cost wheel. 

Another ideal scenario I can envision would be if you would like to work with Majacraft accessories to spin lace, art yarns, and higher volume spinning, but don't see the need to secure a wheel for more niche applications like the Aura for art yarns or the Rose for fine spinning.


The Pioneer X is a double treadle spinning wheel.  This means you use both feet to treadle two pedals which rotates the drive wheel.  Double treadle wheels offer excellent control over the rotation of the wheel which is helpful when stopping, starting, changing speeds and rotation directions.  You have much more control than when using a single treadle wheel.

Majacraft Pioneer Double Treadle

The Pioneer X uses scotch tension to control the speed of the bobbin and flyer rotation.  With scotch tension, the flyer and bobbin are activated by the rotation of the drive wheel using the same single drive band. The bobbin has a small amount of resistance applied with a separately controlled brake band to allow the flyer to rotate faster than the bobbin.  This makes it possible for the flyer to wind the fiber onto the bobbin.  This light tension allows for spinning finer yarns, but can be adjusted if more bulky spinning is desired.

The Pioneer X has a convenient carrying handle that folds out of the way when not in use.

Majacraft Pioneer X Carrying Handle

Every wheel from Majacraft is individually numbered, assembled and tested before packaging, and is signed by a member of the Poad family. 

Majacraft Pioneer Serial Number Location

To register your wheel with Majacraft, click this link.


 The Pioneer comes standard with the following items, all are available from our website for replacements or spares:

Spares for the Majacraft Pioneer X Spinning Wheel

Other parts of the wheel can be sourced as replacement parts, contact me directly if this is something you need at


The following accessories are also available for use with the Pioneer X spinning wheel:

The stem design of the Pioneer X makes it incompatible with the overdrive head and the high speed head.


  • Material:  The latest upgrade is made from American Ash.  The drive wheel is MDF with American Ash veneer, giving it additional weight to allows for even rotation and long life.  It is finished with a clear lacquer.
  • Weight:  Aproximately 14 lbs (6.3 kgs)  The weight varies with the wood density of each wheel
  • Height:  28.3" (720 mm)
  • Orafice height - 27.5"
  • Footprint:  15.7 x 15.7" (400 x 400 mm)
  • Wheel Diameter:  12.6"  (320mm)

The Pioneer X - Creative is a version of the Pioneer which can be supplied with a unfinished surface so you can paint or finish any way you want.  You can also get the drive wheel in custom colors.

Pioneer X - Creative

The Pioneer received an upgrade in April 2019 which included three features:

  • Changed the composition from pine to american ash
  • Added a handy carrying handle
  • Modified the base, pedals and stem to match the aesthetic of the other Majacraft wheels.

Packed weight:  43 lbs dim

Sell Price:  $989 USD


Whorl size - 5 is largest -> 5 4 3 2 1
Suzie Pulley (standard) 4.4 6.7 9.3 11.4 14.5
Little Gem Pulley 5.9 7.1 9.4 12.3 16.0
Rose Pulley (Slow Speed Kit) 3.6 4.74 6.2 9.4 12.8
Fast Pulley 10.0 12.8 15.2 18.8


Pulleys that can be used on the Majacraft Pioneer X Spinning wheel

Here is a video of me changing the whorl on a Majacraft wheel:


Here is a video of me changing the drive band on a Majacraft wheel:

Here is a video of me unboxing the Pioneer X:

Here is a video of me assembling the Pioneer X:

Here is a video of me spinning with the Pioneer X:

Here is a video of me using the accessories on the Pioneer X:


Your new Majacraft wheel is guaranteed to be free of defects in the workmanship for a period of two (2) years following the date of original purchase.


You can view or download the Pioneer X Manual here

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