Majacraft Wild Flyer

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The Wild Flyer is another unique Majacraft innovation. It has been designed to spin art yarns and has a large 23mm ceramic orifice to allow the bulkiest of yarns to flow with ease. The Wild Flyer will also allow you to turn your Majacraft wheel into a bulky spinner, no need to purchase a new wheel to spin carpet style yarns.

  • Designed to spin art yarns
  • 23 mm orifice for very bulky yarns
  • Ceramic lined orifices provide smooth flow
  • Jumbo and Standard bobbins
  • 24 mm jumbo flyer hook
  • 145 mm flyer bar
  • Optional 23 mm ceramic lined flyer hook is available to purchase separately

Can be used with jumbo and standard bobbins - links to compatible bobbin listings provided below:

Provided with 24 mm jumbo flyer hook

The 23 mm ceramic lined flyer hook is the perfect additional item to complete your art yarn toolkit!