Raw Fleeces

Fleeces on this page will be sold in an auction which will begin on 5/21/2022, Saturday, at 8 am est.  The auction will conclude on 5/28/2022, the following Saturday, at 6 pm est.

I am sharing the listings now to allow you time to review the information on all of the available fleeces.  Bidding will only be allowed when the auction starts on 5/21/2022.

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Read this blog post for information on our soft shetland fleeces and why they are so special!

Here is a youtube video I just released explaining the tags I used in this year's offering of fleeces

Superfine fleeces aren't for everyone - if you decide you don't want your fleece, I will be happy to take it back and give you a refund.  You will be responsible for the return freight.  I will not take back a fleece that has been washed or processed.  So - if you aren't sure about the fleece - I suggest you wash a small portion and work with it, then if you decide you aren't happy with it, contact me and we'll move forward with the return/refund of the unwashed portion.