Majacraft Jumbo Black Plastic Bobbin

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Majacraft Jumbo Black Plastic Bobbin - New for 2020!

The new jumbo plastic bobbin from Majacraft is a huge improvement over the old bobbins - from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

They are lighter weight which means less inertia when spinnning, and have cool cut outs on the ends so you can watch your yarn grow as you spin! 

Still can immerse them in the dye bath with yarn wound on, so didn't lose any features with the new design.

These are made from black acetyl, and are much quieter in use with the brake band.

Also - (but wait, there's more!) you can use these bobbins with your Aura wheel if you like.  

Jumbo bobbins are compatible with the Plying flyer, Aura Hybrid Flyer, and Wild Flyer.  With these flyers, you can use the jumbo bobbin on any of the Majacraft wheels.