Shetland Sheep Rooing Clinic

I am very pleased to announce that Whispering Pines Farm will be conducting a Shetland Sheep Rooing Clinic on Sunday, May 14 from 2-4 pm.  This is a unique opportunity to learn about rooing shetland sheep, watch a demonstration of me rooing a ewe and then getting a hands on chance to help me roo my flock of 6 rams.

If you have always wanted to try to roo a sheep this is a great opportunity for you!  You will get as much hands on time rooing our rams as you and your hands can handle.  If you have never heard of rooing, but are intrigued, here is a playlist where I roo some of our ewes.

Please be aware, rooing is strenuous and can be hard on your hands and arms.  Also, we will be rooing rams or male sheep - if the strong musk scent of rams offends you, you may not enjoy this activity.

I have limited space for this outdoor event, so if you are planning to attend, contact me to reserve your space.  This is an invitation only event, and reservations are required to attend.

The event will be outside, so if the weather is not conducive to the event, I will let you know by 11 am the day of the event.  I will have a tent set up for home base where you can leave your belongings and use for a place to rest if needed.

I will supply chairs, but if you want to bring your own that would be a good idea.

In order to participate, you will need to complete and sign a hold harmless agreement which I will provide after your reservation is confirmed.

I won’t be serving any refreshments, you are welcome to bring any food or drinks with you, please make sure you take any material or food waste you generate back home with you.

This is not an event for children.  Our sheep are very sensitive to disruptions to their routine, and they are unaccustomed to strangers, so we will be providing them with a calm, mature experience - horseplay, loud sounds and sudden movements will stress the sheep - something we all want to avoid!  If you think your child would be well suited for this event, please contact me to discuss and I will consider making an exception.

We will not be doing wheel demonstrations or have wool out for sale - this event is all about spending time with sheep, learning about rooing, and mostly about helping me roo my 6 rams

Wool will not be provided from the rooing project, the wool we harvest will go into my combed top that I offer to handspinners for sale as part of the proceeds for our farm business

There will be limited facilities available for restrooms and hand washing

This is taking place on the grounds of a working farm and will involve handling sheep.  You will probably get dirty.  Please bring a change of clothes or coveralls, and sturdy boots that cover your toes.

Limited to 10 people maximum, if max is reached there will be a waiting list

No overnight accommodations available on the farm - if you want to spend the night, I can provide you with a list of local accommodations.  If you want to do your own research, our zip code is 14105, we are near Medina and Lockport New York

$10 donation is gratefully accepted

This is my first year doing this, I hope I provided all the information about this interesting opportunity.  If you have any questions after you have carefully read this email, please contact me by reply email or at the phone number listed below.