Majacraft Blending Board

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Majacraft Blending Board for Fiber

The blending board is a tool for producing finely controlled rolags for spinning and batts for felting. It is made with a 72 TPI cloth that measures 210mm (8.3″) wide by 300mm long (11.8″).

The Majacraft boards have several extra features to set them apart. The cloth is securely bonded to the board and there are caps to the each end of the cloth which ensures the cloth will not pick up, as well as producing a very tidy finish with no frayed or cut ends.

It features a non slip back to make it easier to use on your lap, and also has a handy little 'rolling' panel on the front tot smooth down your rolags before removing from the sticks.

Each board has an elegant metal handle that is both attractive and sturdy.

A brush to help draft your fibre and dowels to roll rolags from the board for spinning are also included.


The blending details and specifications are:

  • included are blending board, keel and securing bolt, two rolag dowels, a brush
  • cloth is 72 tpi and is 210mm (8.3″) wide by 300mm (11.8″) long
  • Board in box weight is just under 5 lbs
  • Footprint of entire unit is 16" long by 9" wide.


Using the Blending Board

Making Rolags on the Blending Board