Majacraft Lace Flyer

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The Lace Flyer is a variant of the E-Flyer. However, it has a shorter flyer bar and hence has less inertia when spinning fine yarns at high speeds.  It also has the low friction ceramic inserts in the orifice and flyer hook. The Lace Flyer and lace bobbins come in the Lace Kit designed specially for spinning fine yarns.

  • Comes standard with the Lace Kit
  • All closed ceramic lined guides
  • 6mm Ceramic lined closed orifice (need orifice tool to load)
  • 6 mm fine flyer hook
  • Use with lace or baby bobbins
  • Second guide for lace path
  • 90 mm flyer bar

Can be used with lace and baby standard bobbins - links to compatible bobbin listings provided below:

Provided with 6 mm fine flyer e hook