Majacraft Little Gem Spinning Wheel, Lazy Kate and Carrying Bag

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There are so many special things to say about the Majacraft Little Gem spinning wheel! The key is it was designed to be very portable, but still be able to spin all the types of yarn that you can dream of!

This listing is for the latest upgraded version, upgrades include:

*Moved the stem lock nut on the front of the wheel instead of the side for easy access
*New pedal shape
*Improvements in stem brace and crank arrangement to give a more rigid and positive spinning experience.

Included with your Little Gem wheel are a travelling kate, 3 of the new design black plastic bobbins and a custom made carrying case made by Majacraft supplier Nadia. 

Built from the indigenous Rimu wood, the Little Gem is 100% handcrafted in the shop in New Zealand, and is signed by one of the team at Majacraft, and is assigned its own serial number. When you receive your Little Gem, be sure to go to the Majacraft site to register your very special wheel!

The head can be shifted left or right to accommodate long draw or your own particular style of drafting. It features the double treadle mechanics to allow for a very smooth treadling motion.

It is designed with a smaller wheel to be portable, but the gear system is unique in that it turns faster and is ideal for spinning very fine yarns!

As it is a travel wheel, it can be stowed in an overhead compartment on a plane, dimensions folded in the bag are 22 x 16 x 7 inches.

Maximum height: 740 mm, 29.1 inches
Maximum width: 380 mm, 15 inches
Maximum depth: 360 mm, 14.2 inches
Folded height: 150mm, 5.9 inches
Orifice height: 660 mm, 25 inches
Weight: 4.5 kg, 9.9 lbs
Drive belt length: 1100 mm, 43.3"
Orifice type: Delta (Standard)
Drive wheel: 220 mm, 8.7 inches

Scotch tension

Pulley ratios:
5 - 4.7:1
4 - 5.7:1
3 - 7.5:1
2 - 9.8:1
1 - 12.8:1

The Little Gem can handle all accessories excluding the overdrive and high speed heads.

The latest upgrade makes accommodation for the jumbo flyer/bobbin combinations like the Aura Hybrid Flyer, the Plying Flyer and the Wild Flyer as the tension knob has been slightly shifted so it doesn't interfere with the flyer as in the prior rev.  These work with both the Jumbo Plastic Bobbin and the Jumbo Wood Bobbin to give you 2x the capacity of a standard bobbin.

Accessories including the stylus kit, lace kit, and the wheel skeiner can be used on Little Gem.

Here is a video I made on assembling a Majacraft Little Gem Spinning Wheel.

Here is a video I made using the slow whorl, jumbo bobbin and aura hybrid flyer to make an art yarn. 

 Here is a link to all of the spare parts you can order as replacements - these came with your wheel as standard.

Here is a link to all the accessories you can add to your Little Gem to expand the capabilities of this lovely spinning wheel.